This tutorial is based on a Axis & Allies Revised map and game.

You have 3 tutorials to choose from.
Either one will teach you how to use ABattleMap and Dicey found at "FoE"

*Note: These tutorials teach you to play at Flames of Europe but most people are now playing at

Join on at and message me username: TMTM if you need any help or would like to play.

The tutorials will are still very good for new players to learn as Flames of Europe and AAMC are quite the same but AAMC has been maintained and has all the newer games.

Step By Step Tutorial - All-on-One Page Tutorial - German/Deutsch Tutorial


Abattlemap has been updated and some newer modules will only work correctly with the latest edition.

Become a member at and be logged in.. then:

Here are the steps to having the most up to date Abattlemap:

#1. Download and install ABattleMap 0.79f

#2. Download and install "ABattleMap Module for Axis and Allies Pacific 1940" which also contains the upgrade to Abattlemap.

So be sure to let it overwrite the old ABattleMap.exe with the ABattleMap.exe contained in this download.


Use HolKann's Installer more info at

New! Guadalcanal Module for ABattlemap
New! Battle of the Bulge Module for ABattlemap
New! D-Day Module with reinforcement charts for ABattlemap

Learn to make Abattlemap Modules yourself!

Stoney's Abattlemap Module making Tutorial 1_0.pdf 

For anyone interested in more advanced editing of the module, please learn more by reading Stoney's Abattlemap Module making Tutorial 1_0.pdf  at


Sgt. Wonko's & TMTM's Global 1940 Module Alpha +3

More Info at
Click image below to download the module for abattlemap.

New Game "Global War Complete Game"
More Info at,
Click image to download the module for abattlemap.
Version 2 - updated 4/2/2011

New Game "Faces of War"
In Testing Trails - Click Image for more info.

Chinese Chess Module

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